Before the Summer Is Gone

Posted by John Category: old demos

I recorded this bedroom demo about 4 years ago and remember playing it for Liam Mulvaney and his reaction being highly tepid. “It’s a bit Chas & Dave,” were his words, I believe. Not intended as a compliment but actually a compliment given the quality of the song. 

Before the Summer Is Gone

(The song, if you listen, is a very basic, throwaway, happy-sad summer pop song. It will never be studio-recorded so I am archiving the demo here, adding some further thoughts below.)

Upon recording it the day or so before, I recall thinking, gee, I don’t think many people write songs like this these days. On mature reflection, perhaps it’s more that people choose not to write songs like this these days. 

I had a conversation a while back with a stranger who seemed passionate about music. He spoke glowingly of Chas & Dave, suggesting they are misunderstood/under-appreciated etc. 

“Snooker Loopy” is certainly a good song, tarnished perhaps by Dennis Taylor’s jarring interjection midway through. It is a seldom made point just how much a Northern Irish accent can destroy a song. 

A quick thought experiment: Imagine “Witchita Lineman” or “Strawberry Fields Forever” sung in a Northern Irish accent. Not only would their power be diminished, I think they may cease even to be good songs. They would go from being great songs to bad songs, merely on account of their singer’s accent. Mind blown, huh?  

“Let me take you daawwwwyyne…”  

I can’t do accents, or spell them.