I Liked You Better Before

Posted by John Category: Home Demos

Happy to be back in the recording studio this weekend after a long hiatus. We’ve been dabbling on and off with video as a means of potentially putting out some music. Getting other people to sing my songs now as well.

I have been relatively unproductive this year in terms of writing/recording demos (11 new songs which is well down on my usual numbers).  This is one I recorded the other night. Might do it in studio somewhere down the line. The image is my new keyboard – Aldi homebrand Thomann stage piano.

I Liked You Better Before

I liked you better when you seemed unhappy and alone

I used to love your misanthropy on my phone

I liked you better when imagining you in despair

I used to love the bitterness you used to share

But you seem to now have found a tool to love and lose the kind of blues that I always found so strangely reassuring  

I liked you better when I thought that you had lost your way

I would imagine then that I could come and save the day

I liked you better when you seemed to be losing your mind

I would imagine then I was the one you needed to find

But you seem to now be in a different league 

I guess you need reality 

And I no longer find you strangely reassuring.   

And I’m thinking now why not believe in God

Because everything is a mystery

And what’s more

I have lost my last rapport

I liked you better before