MacGyver Story

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I sit down with my favourite food, pizza, to watch my favourite programme, MacGyver.

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Something terrible happens. MacGyver is in real trouble. There is simply no way he will get out of this particular bind. It’s hopeless… I should switch over… I cannot bear to watch him die. A truly despicable individual has trapped him in a room and is now filling that room with poisonous gas! Mac is down on all fours and struggling to breathe! I know he’s got out of difficult situations before, but I can tell he just doesn’t have the strength to muster a solution on this occasion.

I have to stop watching the episode and so return to the Sky Planner page. Shaken, I allow myself some deep breaths. I can only assume all subsequent episodes depict how the secondary characters cope in the aftermath of Macgyver’s untimely passing.


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I return to the episode weeks later. I feel I have to watch it, even though I don’t want to, as I know my hero is going to die. It has been playing on my mind however. I need closure. Little do I realise I am about to receive a most wonderful shock… mere minutes into the resumption of the episode, somehow, MacGyver has managed to extricate himself from the hopeless situation described above. I celebrate my relief with a Kit Kat and yogurt.


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