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I found out today I have never heard a Foo Fighters song before. Some of their songs have over half a billion listens on Spotify so I assumed at least one would be familiar. But no, they are completely new to me. 

I’ve been really into “What a Fool Believes” by the Doobie Brothers, over past month. That chord change into the chorus is exhilarating. It currently has one realistic challenger to win my most played Spotify song of 2022: “The Red Telephone”. The bookies in my head cannot separate the two. “The Red Telephone’ is special. I love the bit where Arthur Lee sings, “I don’t know if I am living or if I’m supposed to be.” The strings there are gorgeous, that change from E to Fmaj7.  

“Aja” from Aja is, controversially, third favourite with the bookies at time of writing. Last year’s winner was “Guess I’m Dumb”. 

“The Unfaithful Servant” is the dark horse. Listening more and more each day. Brass section is moving. 

Could all change. Things might look very different come November. Injuries etc. could take their toll. Wait, what am I talking about again?  

If the classic BBC golf theme was on Spotify, those other songs wouldn’t stand a chance — the bookies would be paying out. There are versions of it on there but they are anaemic imitations. Rare to find a genuine original tv theme on Spotify. Common to find tons of anaemic imitations. YouTube the place to go for originals. I linked the classic BBC Golf theme on a previous blog but I will link it again because it is so damn euphoric and “you will love it” as the video correctly states at the start.


Ironically (well not really that ironically), the BBC golf theme is not my most played YouTube video. I expect that accolade belongs to…