My Mr. Bergstroms

Posted by John Category: Life

I never had a kindly substitute teacher write me a note that read, “You are John Butler,” so whenever I feel like I’m alone and there’s nobody I can rely on, I generally just take out my phone and read my feedback. 

So thank you to S_sell, dualtaslayr, Dan fnuts, super collector, and optiwire. Your kind words shine like a beacon as I navigate this dark and lonely world. To each and every one of you, you are, truly, my Mr. Bergstroms.




















On a similarly positive note, the theme to Grandstand has just now reminded me of music’s power to inspire pure euphoria. Bearing in mind that these days I find most music rage-inducingly unbearable, to know there is still some stuff that enables me to feel incredibly good, however briefly, is a huge source of comfort, almost relief.

I haven’t felt music based euphoria in a while actually, probably not since I broke down crying listening to Dancing Queen on a bus about 7 months ago, so thank you Keith Mansfield for this absolute humdinger of a tune, and for the euphoria I have just felt and has now faded.