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Question: At what point is a person too far away for you to hold a door open for them? For, far from being polite, is it not rude to force a person to briefly break into a trot and then smile at you with token gratitude?

Answer: 16 metres. Yes, it is rude.



Question: About how long into a bout of hiccups could one legitimately begin to worry one may be the victim of a rare, chronic hiccuping disorder, whose soon-to-be unbearable life will eventually inspire a spot of human interest clickbait?

Answer: 35 minutes



Question: Will my unused, napkin-wrapped cutlery be presented to a subsequent diner?

Answer: I don’t know



Question: Does your tongue ever become convinced there’s a bit of food lodged between your teeth even though you know in reality there is no food, yet you continue to thumbnail-floss the “affected” area in a desperate and futile manner regardless?

Answer: Yes



Question: Can you recommend any juices or smoothies that are good for inner turmoil?

Answer: No beverage can allay life’s hardships (unless it contains a heretofore untold amount of kale).