Swearing in Song

Posted by John Category: Songs

Generally speaking, I don’t like hearing swear words in song. Not for any pious reason, I just think it can sound a bit contrived, a bit distracting. Swear words used ironically can be great, but if your intention is to transmit an idea or emotion sincerely, then swearing, for me, rarely has a place.

That said, there is one song I feel could be improved upon with the inclusion of a swear word — “A Great Day for the Irish” — from the 1940 musical comedy film, Little Nellie Kelly, starring Judy Garland.

From the video posted below, at around the 1:03 mark, I would replace Judy Garland’s line…

“It’s a great, great day!”


“It’s a great, fucking day!”

That’s what I long to hear, anyway.